About us

Arspectra is a medical technology company specializing in the design of novel augmented reality solutions for the healthcare market. In close collaboration with physicians, specialists, and MedTech partners, we tailor our approach and develop novel solutions to specific medical conditions and procedures in order to achieve the most performant and efficient guidance tools.

Our Story

Arspectra was founded in the summer of 2018 after several years of research on the technical integration and clinical advantages of Augmented Reality in combination with novel diagnostic technologies.

After the development and evaluation of advanced navigation systems in partnership with renown experts and research institutions, Arspectra has developed unique proprietary technologies and platforms in the field of Augmented and Mixed Reality for a large variety of medical applications.

Mission Statement

We are a team of diverse minds and talents driven to continuously improve the success rates of medical procedures. With the development of novel AR-based medical tools and solutions we aim to bridge current performance bottlenecks by enabling more natural and efficient visualization of information and navigation data.

Using disruptive technologies, we mean to revolutionize the performances of healthcare professionals by providing more advanced guidance solutions and improved patient outcomes.

Our values

Excellence by innovation

We enable unprecedented performances & efficiencies by challenging the status quo with novel approaches.

User & Procedure centricity

We develop tools and solutions with & for the medical specialist, their procedures, and the patients.

Improving global care

We aim to be a global pioneer in medical AR while developing more accessible technologies and solutions.