Clinical partners

Augmented Reality technologies developed with & for the clinical end-users.

Benefits for partners

Innovation leader
Early access
Technology customization
Ambassador advantages

Medical specialists, ambassadors & key opinion leaders

At Arspectra, the clinical specialist and the procedure are at the center stage of  its novel solutions. Developing effective medical devices and tools, the clinical usability is essential from the earliest designs and concepts up to the commercial technologies. 

Get in touch if you are interested to explore how Augmented Reality could improve your procedures, or if you are interested to become one of Arspectra’s ambassadors and key opinion leaders.

Clinical Validation

Breakthrough technologies for surgical procedures require extensive clinical validation and is of critical importance for the safety of patient, procedure and user. Medical specialists participating in the clinical validation trials contribute to one of the most challenging stages of the development and evaluation of the unprecedented technologies.

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Research and

Committed to push the limits of innovation based on novel approaches and disruptive advantages, Arspectra works closely together with various renown research centers and academia.

In the next decade, a large diversity of potential applications - and their beneficial impact on procedure, user and patient - will make Augmented Reality-based devices become standard equipment of any modern operation room.

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