Arspectra’s CART 3D customizable Augmented Reality technology solutions enable partners to develop unprecedented medical devices and solutions.

Customizable AR Technologies

Arspectra’s CART 3D solutions enable the development of novel surgical navigation solutions for future healthcare professionals.

With market-leading performances and flexible usability adaptations, CART is a unique platform for the developments of future medical AR applications.

3D diagnostic data, instructions, and holographic navigation visuals are placed in the direct field of view of the healthcare professional.

Available for medical technology partners and academia only.

Large fully see-through Augmented Reality displays

allow 2D/3D representation of data, instructions, and images in the direct sight of the user.

Stand-alone technology with agnostic connectivity

to medical data servers, hospital installations, and partner medical devices.

3 dimensional tracking

enables the placement of information, data, and visuals at the most relevant position within the operational sight.

User- and procedure tailored form and use

enabled by design with and for the medical end-user.

Advanced performances

ensure the seamless and real-time integration of digital visuals into the reality.

Medical devices

tuned to usability and compliance for a familiar, unobtrusive use with maximum procedure support.

Product Details


Data monitorin

intra-operative diagnostic images

Holographic representations

Data monitorin


Data monitorin

intra-operative diagnostic images

Holographic representations

Data monitorin


A variety of accessories are available to enhance the application of our solutions in a wide range of procedures.

Pocket Units

Power Units

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