Use Cases

Arspectra’s Augmented Reality glasses and solutions are developed with & for the clinical end-users and their procedures. They represent a novel standard of visualization, communication, and future navigation for a large variety of use cases.

Data Visualization

Arspectra's advanced Augmented Reality solutions enable the visualization of key patient information and imaging data within the user’s direct field of view. This new form of data visualization enables our users to be more focused and efficient on their patients and procedures.


Augmented Reality-based remote education and assistance brings the current audio or video screen-based communications to the next level by enabling fully bi-directional visual communication between the operating user and a remote audience or expert.


Mobile Augmented Reality solutions enable live-saving medical assistance by remote expertise to the most distant environments and care centers.


Augmented Reality-based solutions in data visualization, communication, and intra-operative navigation are available for the veterinary care of our dear companions.