Data visualization

Visualization of key patient information and imaging data within the user’s direct sight enables a more continuous concentration and efficacy of the specialists.

Current Limitations

The rising amount of digital data as patient information and diagnostic images leads to increasing amounts of concentration and time spend by the surgeons to mentally map the externally displayed information to the actual wound, procedure target, and patient. It continuously displaces the specialists focus away from the patient, represents risk to potential mapping errors, and consumes significant amounts of time in the procedures. Large monitor structures can be obstructive to the already limited space around operation tables.

Classic monitors form a crucial bottleneck in modern medical practices.​​ Omni-present digital patient information and diagnostic data force specialists to continuously look up, mentally map and compare 2D information to the reality.

Arspectra's Solutions

As replacing or complementary alternative to the classic monitors, Augmented Reality glasses offer medical professionals a different view to the immediately necessary data and images during their procedure. No look up to external screen sis required during surgery. The in-sight visualization of the information significantly improves the focus and concentration of the specialists on the actions they perform. Simultaneously can important amounts of time and costs be saved.

Patient data, instructions, and medical images can serve as 3D guidance in the direct sight of the medical professionals. Specifically designed for the medical field, Arspectra's technologies allow a more efficient, safer and faster practice.

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Arspectra’s Augmented Reality cockpit ARC is a novel standard in in the visualization of medical data, images, and holograms in the direct sight of the user.

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Stand-alone technology with agnostic connectivity
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