MedTech partners

Arspectra has a strong expertise in supporting a large variety of MedTech companies in the development of their Augmented Reality-based solutions.

Benefits for partners

Technologic excellence
Time-to-market efficiency

Arspectra is a team of medical technology visionaries focused on improving medical technology and procedure bottlenecks with Augmented Reality. Working closely together with promising start-ups, successful scale-ups, large MedTech companies, and university centers, Arspectra supports the developments of fascinating ideas and concepts into novel and disruptive medical solutions. Whether they are new platforms or integrations into existing medical devices, the end-solutions can range from simple data visualizations using Augmented Reality glasses, up to tomorrow's revolutionizing surgical navigation platforms.​

Arspectra’s knowledge in opto-electronic hardware and Augmented Reality-based software developments is strongly complemented with senior expertise in clinical usability, validations, and regulatory compliance. Developing the state-of-the-art in medical Augmented Reality has enabled Arspectra and its partners to bring to market unique and unprecedented medical solutions with advanced visualization, tracking, and navigation capabilities.


Designed for maximal performance, procedure customization, and regulatory compliance, Arspectra's headsets and platforms deliver market-leading visualization, tracking, and navigation capabilities.


Arspectra's open platforms enable our MedTech partners to develop their own novel solutions in the most flexible and efficient manner. Arspectra also offers various levels of software solutions and services that can facilitate or complement the development of the most challenging concepts in the field of medical Augmented Reality.

Regulatory Expertise

Arspectra’s senior regulatory team has the critical experience to assist in the launch of diverse Augmented Reality-based medical devices. We provide full support from the initial design to the clinical validation and regulatory compliance, and eventual scaling of the technologies to international markets.

Aftersales and Service

Arspectra provides continuous customer service to its MedTech partners simplifying their commercial launch, maintenance, and educational support.

Become a partner

Arspectra has a strong expertise in supporting the process from design to product launch with a variety of companies in the development of their Augmented Reality-based solutions.

5 stages of partnership

Partnership evaluation
Product co-development
Commercial preparations
Product launch

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