With revolutionary research and growth by awards and partnerships, we welcome experienced investors driven by exponential innovations.

Arspectra S.à.rl. is headquartered in Luxembourg and has branches in the USA and Asia. The company strives to revolutionize the performance of healthcare professionals by using the most natural and efficient representation of patient information and diagnostic data. As one of the pioneers in medical Augmented Reality, Arspectra develops, manufactures, and markets its state-of-art visualization and navigation solutions in collaboration with various global partners.

Investor relations

Arspectra's team has bootstrapped its developments by winning international prices, developing state-of-the-art products, and gaining worldwide recognition. Smart capital investments are engaged with important advantages in regards to experience and network in the medical device industry.

We welcome the interest and collaboration of innovation-minded investors in order to accelerate the go-to-market and commercial scaling of our medical Augmented Reality solutions. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in disruptive medical device technologies.

Cedric Spaas
CEO // Arspectra