Augmented Reality-based remote education and assistance brings the current audio or video screen-based communications to the next level by enabling fully bi-directional visual communication between the operating user and a remote audience or expert.

Augmented Reality - based Telemedicine

Augmented Reality-based telemedicine solutions enable a bi-directional communication between the operating surgeon and a remote audience, senior expertise or interdisciplinary advice. The classic audio communication is complemented with in-sight instruction and visual support by shared images or on-target annotations.

The real-time visual interaction and support can revolutionize:

·       the global sharing of expert practices to various audiences of students or colleagues.

·       the education and training of operating healthcare professionals by remote senior expertise.

·       the sharing of interdisciplinary advice and support by remote specialists for complex procedures.

Compatible with various partner telemedicine solutions that address different medical procedures, Arspectra’s technologies enable:

·       intra-operative visual communication and assistance independent of the geographical location.

·       hands-free, same point-of-view follow-up and case oversight by the remote expert or audience.

·       remote instruction, feedback and navigation in the direct sight of the operating specialist.

·       improved time- and cost-efficiencies within a large range of procedures.

·       most importantly increased chances of procedure success and patient outcomes.

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Arspectra’s REA solutions for remote assistance and education represent a novel standard in visualization, collaboration and education in healthcare.

Market-leading Augmented Reality solutions.
Stand-lone technology with agnostic connectivity.
User & procedure tailored solutions.