Augmented Reality-based solutions in data visualization, communication, and intra-operative navigation represent similar to equal advantages for veterinary care and surgical procedures.

Equivalent to the advantages for medical procedures, Arspectra’s various medical Augmented Reality solutions improve the current visualization, communication and navigation bottlenecks during veterinary care procedures and operation rooms.

·       Augmented Reality glasses with in-sight visualization in combination or instead of external monitors.

·      Bi-directional visual communication enables same point-of-view follow up by remote experts or audiences, and visual instructions in the direct field of view on the surgical wound.

·     Pre-operative diagnostic images placed in the direct field-of-view of the user enable navigation support during complex and lengthy procedures.

Arspectra’s Augmented Reality solutions hereby enable:

·    more focused procedures by reducing the amount of subjective monitor-to-wound comparisons.

·   facilitated oversight, comprehension and subsequent instruction by remote advisors or audiences in various assistance, education, and training communications.

·     important time-efficiency gains leading to procedure cost savings.

·     most importantly increased chances of procedure success and outcomes.

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Arspectra’s REA solutions for remote assistance and education represent a novel standard in visualization, collaboration and education in healthcare.

Market-leading Augmented Reality solutions.
Stand-lone technology with agnostic connectivity.
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