Partnerships and novel solutions running on Arspectra's readily available headsets or upcoming highly specialized and tailored navigation platforms

  • Designed for maximal performance, procedure adaptation, and regulatory compliance, Arspectra's headsets and platforms deliver market-leading visualization, tracking, and interaction capabilities.
  • Arspectra can propose various levels of hardware technologies and supporting software. The open platforms enable MedTech partners to develop their novel solutions in the most flexible and efficient manner.
  • Whether novel platforms or integrated into existing medical devices, the end-solutions can range from simplified data visualizations by means of the Augmented Reality glasses, up to tomorrow's revolutionizing surgical navigation platforms.​
  • Full support by senior teams experienced in Augmented Reality and medical device go-to-market is provided from the initial design to the clinical validation and regulatory compliance, and eventual scaling of the technologies.

Arspectra's team has buil up extensive experience in opto-electronic hardware design and related software developments. Pushing the boundaries of the state-of-the-art in visualization performances, enables it and its partners to bring to market unique and unprecedented medical devices and tools. Working closely together with promising start-ups, large corporates, academia, Arspectra acontinuouslyimprovthe success rates of medical procedures by co-developing novelARbased tools and solutions.
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